Upcoming Events
February 5th
10am, Tillicum Kiwanis Club Meeting, St. Michaels Church, Snohomish
February 19th
8:45am, Tillicum Kiwanis Board Meeting, St. Michaels Church, Snohomish
10am, Club Meeting, St. Michaels Church, Snohomish
February 22nd
Div 22 Council Meeting
6:00 p.m. Food. 7:00 p.m., Evergreen Lanes  5111 Claremont Way, Everett
March 5th
10am, Tillicum Kiwanis Club Meeting, St. Michaels Church, Snohomish
March 19th
8:45am, Tillicum Kiwanis Board Meeting, St. Michaels Church, Snohomish
10am, Club Meeting, St. Michaels Church, Snohomish






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Tillicum History

“Tillicum” is a word from the Chinook trading language meaning "friend", "family" or "tribe". The club was chartered in 1974 under the Snohomish Kiwanis club sponsorship. The club is made up mainly of retired men and women who are dedicated to community service. The Kiwanis club of Snohomish Tillicum club is a "can do club" having a history of getting the job at hand completed. We do many committee projects and serve in many diversified ways. We pass our knowledge and experience on to our younger members and have a lot of fun at the same time. In 2011, the Kiwanis Club of Snohomish Tillicum Charitable Foundation was approved as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization by the I.R.S.

Some Of The Services We Provide

Our projects help raise funds to provide the following services:

...Offer college scholarships to graduating high school students
...Offer incentive (Dux) awards to Middle School students
...Participate in Reading Programs to Grade School Students
...Participate in the Local Library reading program
...Help with community food drives and help with the operations of the Food Bank
...Distribute dictionaries to all the 3rd grade students in our school district
...Support Camp Casey for children with differing abilities
...Provide School supplies and clothing for students in need

...Support the Kiwanis Children's Cancer Program
...many other Activities to Benefit the Community

What a New Member Can Expect From the Tillicum Kiwanis

An opportunity for you to share your experience, your knowledge, your time and your love in service to your community and your fellow man. A chance to belong to a group of similarly dedicated persons, and to share with them the fun and fellowship of meeting once a week and hearing interesting, stimulating programs and to work together for the good of the community.

What We Expect of a New Member

...To attend regularly, and participate in our club meetings.

...To commit some time to our community service and fundraising projects, two or three times a year.

...To sponsor one new member each year.

...To accept the responsibility of leadership in any office or assignment to which you are elected or appointed.

What Is The Membership Like?

We are a group of men and women of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. What we share in common perhaps can best be summarized in the Kiwanis motto: Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world one child and one community at a time. It is something you do.

Kiwanis International

Founded in 1915 and headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Kiwanis International is a thriving organization of service- and community-minded individuals who support children and young adults around the world. The six permanent Objects of Kiwanis International were approved by Kiwanis club delegates at the 1924 International Convention in Denver, Colorado. Through the decades, they have remained unchanged

...To give primacy to the human and spiritual rather than to the material values in life.

...To encourage the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships.

...To promote the adoption and the application of higher social, business and professional standards

...To develop by precept and example, a more intelligent, aggressive and serviceable citizenship.

...To provide through Kiwanis Clubs a practical means to form enduring friendships, to render altruistic service and to build better communities.

...To cooperate in creating and maintaining that sound public opinion and high idealism which make possible the increase of righteousness, justice, patriotism and goodwill.

So Why join our Kiwanis Tillicum Club?

"To those of you who are interested in learning from and working with the most experienced, diversified, dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly group of people in the Snohomish area then the Tillicum Kiwanis is what you're looking for. That's why I joined this group" - Jim Rahm


Of course, the main reason to join the Tillicum Kiwanis is to HAVE FUN!!

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